Sunday, September 11, 2011


I sat down to the computer this morning not really remembering that today is September 11th.  The 10th anniversary of the infamous date 9/11.  Many people are recapping where they were and what they were doing that day.  I just wrote a page on my memories of that day for a class project Ellie is doing tomorrow at school.

Today, however, I will continue my summer recap because this summer we enjoyed a road trip to some of the places that make America great.  Places that symbolize our freedoms, where we came from and attest to the grit of this great nation.

We journeyed into downtown Philly to visit the National Park Campus of Independence Hall.  It was a fabulous tour!  We had one of those guides that kept everyone's attention with his stories and love of the subject.  We saw the very chair where Washington sat as he presided over the Continental Congress.  The room Thomas Jefferson rented from a local merchant and the place where he penned a majority of the Declaration of Independence.  And of course the Liberty Bell!

The Franklin Institute - a fabulous science museum about invention, and innovations in the fields of medicine, weather prediction, electricity, machinery, transportation and much more.  I spent a whole day chasing the kids around in here!

Our stop at the old Penn Station-turned amazing food market!  There was a stall for every food you could think of.  I could have spent the entire day there.
 Philly Cheesesteaks at the counter.
Philadelphia was a quick 2 day trip but it was great.

Next stop NYC