Once there was a woman, a single working mother, a stylish woman, wearing yellow shoes.  A woman who after a long day at work couldn't get her car to start and she had to walk home.  It began to rain.  A car pulled alongside and a man's voice called out "Hey, yellow shoes!  You need a ride?" This woman and this man are my Grandmother and Papa.

    My grandparents didn't talk about the past much.  My Papa especially was a man of few words.  It wasn't until my college roommate asked them "How did you meet?" that I ever heard this story.  I was delightfully surprised by it.

    This story of a sweet beginning has come to mean many things to me over the years.  It symbolizes the delight of the unexpected, the joy that can be found in a very ordinary day, the stories that bind families,  and how a great pair of shoes can brighten your day.

    Put on your yellow shoes and look for the delights in your life!