Sunday, March 27, 2011


the counting of 1000 continues...

501.  the promise of Spring
502.  birdsong in and outdoors
503.  using my grandparents old brass birdcage
504.  Tasha Tudor illustrations
505.  our version of preschool - in the sunshine with chocolate pudding
506.  spying bunnies in our yard
507.  walks with friends
508.  visiting special places from your childhood
509.  sharing memories with your children
510.  seeing your children climb the same tree you did as a child
511.  and find delight in the same beauty you do
512.  and walk the same path you walked
513.  hometown visits
514.  getting reacquainted with cousins
515.  whack - a - mole
516.  skee-ball
517.  seeing the delight in faces over lollipops, plastic rings and styrofoam airplanes
518.  a perfectly golden roasted marshmallow
519.  the produce department at Whole Foods
520.  a can't resist price on my favorite happy flower
521.  now brightening my kitchen
522.  the ability to whip out my camera at the grocery store and not care about the strange looks from other shoppers
523.  reconnecting with a college roommate
524.  piano recitals on a beautiful old grand
525.  the hymn, "How Great Thou Art"


See Jamie blog said...

What a wonderful list! I love the homeschooling with chocolate pudding and sunshine. :)

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

I have seen so many daffodils in the gratitude lists today I may have to visit the local nursery! Wonderful list!

Kristin Bridgman said...

I love reading others lists:) Just found your site and loved #522. I haven't gotten up the courage to do that yet. I need a smaller camera :)

Nicole said...

I cannot wait for Spring!! It has been long wet winter here. I am hoping for lots of sunfilled days and longer afternoons. Loved your list. Glad to have stopped by.

Susan Beth said...

I love "How Great Thou Art" too! Came by from Ann's and love your list!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Oh, Wowzers!!!! I'm speechless here! The pictures are just too beautiful and your list of gratitudes just warmed the cockles of my heart (whatever they are)! I just love that hymn, too. A perfect ending to a perfect list today! Thank you!

MrsH said...

Great list! Thanks for posting. I love spring and am so glad that so many beautiful flowers are out. God bless!

Craig said...

Here it is, I’m here from Ann’s – it’s Sunday morning and I’m still reading thank you lists. Seems the more thanks I read – the more thankful I get.

And I always pick a favorite from the list, today my favorite from yours was, 525. the hymn, "How Great Thou Art" (oh, because I heart that song. And I look at the picture and how much concentration and effort in the playing and I just see a living analogy. To really sing the hymn in my life I need to focus – focus on Him, the listing helps me do that – and reading stuff like this) {smile}

Thank you for this, and God Bless and keep you and your family