Sunday, October 10, 2010


My first born girl turns 9 today. 

Her daddy said this morning, "That means half our time with you is over!  In nine more years you can drive and vote and have a job and get married.  But don't you dare do that last one at 18!"  he added hastily.

Her eyes grew wide.  She gulped and just said "Really?"

And her mama, who was in the bathroom listening, did the same.

She is still a little girl, thankfully, in this age when girls are not little for long.
She is a joy.  Our dark haired beauty.
Our wanna be farm girl
Daddy's girl
glamour girl
freckle face lovely

Happy Birthday Ellie!


Maria said...

Happy Birthday Ellie!
I can see that you are a shining star inside and out! God's light shines in you!
Blessings always, Maria

{One of your mom's blog-friends!}

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellie! I recognize some of these pictures! :-) Belated happy birthday to you! I miss you a lot! Tell Mama & Daddy & James & Jack & Molly & Peanu--whoops, I mean Cashew--I say hi, too!
From Gloriana