Monday, October 4, 2010

GIFTS 386-415

386.  sunlight on aspen trees
387.  the soft rattling sound they make when the wind blows
388.  happy hikers
389.  ticking clocks
390.  new pillows on the couch
391.  teeny-tiny pumpkins from the farm stand
392.  the last of the tomatoes
393.  and peaches
394.  and summer squash
395.  and zinnias
396.  the beginning of apples
397.  and cider
398.  and pumpkins
399.  hand knit dresses
400.  polka dots
401.  little girls twirling in the grass
402.  over night camp outs for boys
403.  zip lines and ropes courses
404.  slumber parties for girls
405.  silliness over mood rings
406.  mountain lakes
408.  visitors in town
409.  hearing an elk bugle
410.  out of town guests to share it with
411.  ice breakers with little boys
412.  shoulder rides
413.  realizing that my first born is growing up
414.  giving his baby sister a ride
415.  cooler temperatures


Nancy said...

Love, love, LOVE quaking aspen and bugling elk. This post makes me a little homesick for western places. Just lovely.

Maria said...

Hi Misty!
Bless your family!
look at your surroundings... so beautiful ~
incredible elk too!
What a wonderful experience!
Oh ... I've been meaning to ask... how's the altitude? Was it difficult to get accustomed to it?
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!