Monday, January 17, 2011


My kids are used to me taking their pictures.
"Oh, is this for the blog?"  they say in a thoroughly bored voice.  

I try to be sneaky and get those candid shots.  Like the other day in Barnes and Noble when I came around the corner to see them all enjoying a book together.  The youngest two in rapt attention.  It was sweet.  I did draw a few looks from other customers however as I crouched behind a book rack and stuck my arm over the shelf of Magic Tree House books to get this shot.  They never knew I was there.

Sometimes they protest because mama paparazzi can be annoying.
"Let me drink my lemonade in peace mama."

Or there is the annoyed look to which I respond "Oh!  Great one Ellie.  I'm definitely using that one on the blog!"
Which is followed by the "Yikes! Is she serious?"  look.

Then the giggle and cute smile I wanted in the first place.  

Blackmail is a wonderful tool.

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Graceful said...

Cute pictures. My kids are the same way. Sometimes they ham it up, knowing their mugs will end up on the blog. Sometimes I simply annoy them with my camera in their face all the time. I can't help it though -- they are such good material!