Thursday, February 3, 2011


Ann Voskamp, who started the 1000 Gifts movement, finally has a book out.  It is waiting patiently on my nightstand for a quiet evening to invite me in.  You simply must watch this gorgeous video and see her pictures, hear her voice and her words and then begin to count your own gifts.

My gifts reach 500.

479.  a birthday girl 
480.  tutus 
481.  silhouettes of dancers
482.  full length windows letting in the light
483.  full length mirrors to twirl in 
484.  that first time you hear "you're my best friend"
485.  PBS Masterpiece Classics
486.  down blankets
487.  cashmere sweaters
488.  wool socks 
489.  warm boots
490.  gifts from India
491.  new books
492.  a fresh coat of paint
493.  finding a new use for something old
494.  an afternoon nap
495.  soup simmering in a new copper pot
496.  knowing that even on grumpy days your family still loves you
497.  bargins at the thrift store
498.  tiny boxes that hold baby teeth
499.  forgiveness
500.  moments that wake you up

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