Saturday, May 28, 2011


After all those days of back and forth to school, being slung, tugged, dragged and tossed, what is in that backpack on the day it comes home to stay, never to return to 2nd grade?  What is squirreled away in all those little zippered compartments?  What is smashed into the bottom under all the notebooks? What secrets are hidden in its depths?
If you are Jack it contains the usual subject notebooks stuffed with worksheets, award certificates, macaroni art projects, and books.

On closer inspection it also contained:
9 pencils (3 unsharpened)
1 lego man
2 bouncy balls
1 deck of cards
1 McDonalds Happy Meal toy
the missing school ID
1 bag of mini M&Ms
sunglasses with 1 lens popped out
2 nerf gun bullets
2 rubber bands
1 peach pit
1 plastic pirate eye patch 
1 crumpled Valentine card
1 indian arrow craft

All I can say is L.L.Bean makes one sturdy backpack!

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Cherie Blessing said...

I know that I never dare to reach into my students' backpacks for fear of what might lurk inside! I will have to suggest your idea to them as an intriguing post on their own blogs.