Sunday, May 22, 2011


I have been reminded by family members lately that I have not posted anything for many weeks.  Life has been full of carpools, field trips, appointments, parties, projects and a handful of challenges.  My kids only have 3 days of school left so I thought I'd better finish listing my spring gifts before we get into the summer season.  

I hope you are enjoying the gifts of spring and looking forward to the joys of summer.

526.  a dancer's silhouette 

527.  Easter dresses
528.  Easter baskets
529.  Easter eggs
530. curly hair
531.   aquarium fascinations

532.  strange jelly creatures swirling

533.  tulips in the sunshine

534.  this shade of pink, surprising me in the yard of our first spring in this new home

535.  sister friends

536.  tea parties
537.  tiny cupcakes
538.  pretty hats

539.  Colorado sunsets
540.  the way light reflects in the water
541.  those moments in the daily that catch you off guard and take your breath away

542.  field trips to farms and art museums

543.  performances at church and talent shows at school

544.  wildlife sighting in our yard - a baby bunny rescued from our basement window well

545.  and the rare black fox who posed for a photo 

546.  the countdown

547.  the irony of misspelling "school"
548.  pool fun for the birthday boy
549.  water guns waiting for an ambush

550.  looking forward to summer fun!


Michelle DeRusha said...

Love you gift list, Misty - especially those fancy hats! :)

Maria said...

Hi Misty!
I hope everything's been going well for you in your new state, new home!
Your family is just beautiful!
Your surroundings are amazing too... I've never seen a black fox! You have only seven more days of school ! yahoo!
I have another month to go, but can't complain with the summer free!
Bless you always, nice to stop over here and catch up!