Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving

  It was the first Thanksgiving we have not been with family and we spent the morning looking at photos of Thanksgivings past.  Piles of leaves in my grandparents backyard, a house full of cousins, warm rolls from my Aunt Judy, the china and crystal, a brisk walk after dinner; all wonderful memories that have a special place in my heart and childhood. 

 Time marches on and my grandparents house is an empty lot, cousins have scattered, life is different.  This year we had Thanksgiving in our home with friends.  We shared stories and recipes, ate a little too much, and had a Bocce tournament in the park across the street.  It was a lovely day!  But I thought about my grandparents a lot, I had multiple conversations and text messages with my brother about the Judy rolls, I set my table with china and white linen napkins, and decorated my chandelier.  I talked to my mother twice and wished she had been here to make the traditional salad and take a walk after dinner. 

It dawned on me that what I create today will be the memories my children cling to.
I love that we can tie the past to the present with memories and traditions because I am thankful for both.

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