Sunday, November 6, 2011


On 10-10 Ellie turned 10!

She had  all her girlfriends for an ice skating party.
The girls skated in their matching, blue and purple fleece, monogramed scarves.

Itsme came from Oklahoma for the party.
(Thanks for helping me sew all those scarves mom!)
Tim provided the party games.

Later, the pumpkin cheesecake she requested and tickets to see Annie 2 at a local dinner theater.  

October was full of fun festivities.
 A Girls In Grace Tea Party and Fashion Show
Ellie and her friend Abigal  were models.

And we spent a wild evening taking the kids and 2 friends to the corn maze...
 where we buried each other in corn,

 toured a 3-D funhouse,
and of course made our way out of the maze just before dark!

More exciting events for October 
 my pickiest eater became inspired by bright purple cauliflower,
we had a family outing to the new Ikea store in Denver,
(Ellie modeling a Christmas "hat")
and a pumpkin carving party for some friends who had never done it before.
And then of course,
This year we had Strawberry Shortcake with her aquarium pumpkin,
A Star Wars clone trooper with his white ghost pumpkin,
Felicity - An American Girl with her dolphin pumpkin,
(poor Ellie kept getting called Little Bo Peep)
and a Jedi knight with a gruesome faced pumpkin.

I put on a white wig and a black witch hat and Tim donned his Darth Vader costume.  
We were a motley crew walking the dark streets!

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