Monday, July 5, 2010


My husband and I celebrate 17 years of marriage today.

So much has changed since that day.
We are different people than we were on July 5, 1993.

We are better people.

We have adored and annoyed each other.
We have created 4 beautiful children.
We have questioned, tested, supported and prayed for each other.
We have grown as individuals and found belonging as a couple.

I know his strengths, his faults, his thoughts and motivations better than anyone...
and he knows mine.

Marriage is good.


~kiMbeRLy~ said...

happy anniversary! Marriage is good! I love the adored and annoyed! So true!

Maria said...

Happy Anniversary Misty!
It is VERY GOOD for our world that marriages LAST!

May God's Beautiful Grace continue to Bless you, your husband and beautiful family ♥

Maria said...

ps. Our anniversary is in July as well!
It was a day as hot as this one!

Maria said...

Hi Misty!
Just stopping back over to tell you we went to the King Arthur Flour bake shop last weekend...and we bought several being the English Muffin Kit...

I posted about our trip and want to thank you for adding to the inspiration to go there!

Hope your summer is going well... I think you mentioned a few times that you are moving ...
Wishing you well ~