Thursday, July 22, 2010


We love to go to the diner in Tilton, New Hampshire for a treat.  It's very 1950's - great milk shakes, made from scratch mac and cheese, and hula hoops while you wait for a table.
On our last visit Miss Molly announced she needed to go potty and she knew where it was and didn't need my help, thank you very much!
I followed along a few paces behind just to make sure.

She confidently strode right into the men's room.

Luckily it was empty and I snatched her back out rather quickly.

"Molly that's the men's room!"  I said.
"Oh!"  she replied with an embarrassed giggle.  "I thought the M was for Molly."


Maria said...

Hi Misty!
oh she is just ADORABLE!
What a dear, sweet, innocent soul.

This is what child-like joy is!

Misty, we LOVED visiting K A Flour!
We spent a few hours {yes, hours LOL}
in the shop... The baker, Irene, was awesome.
We tried everything she baked and bought several scone mixes! We bought 2 of the English muffin mixes...Thank YOU for the inspiring post!
We're going to give the apple peeler a whirl this weekend... Our backyard apples aren't ready but we have a basketful from the supermarket.
Later in the day, we walked around in Woodstock, recommended by our son-in-law. It was just LOVELY!

Thinking of your moving process and the daily effort of it all... here's a quick little spot to visit...

Koralee at Bluebird Notes has a wonderful series this week on Max Lucado's "Everyday Deserves a Chance."
I've been following her for a year; we've become like "penpals" Her posts are so uplifting... short, sweet and filled with joy. {just as I leave smiling after your posts :D
When I stumbled upon her blog, she had just over 100 followers, now it's well over 1,000 and magazines are noticing!
This blogging is quite something!

Her messages this week are such an encouragement to take each day - one day - as bite-size portions of life!
Thought of you and the process of moving while I read this!

Wishing you and your family well as you move onward...
I will keep you in prayer during this monumental task... {just keep thinking one moment ~ one box at a time.

Nancy said...

Of course "M" is for Molly. What else would it be? This post made me smile!

Graceful said...

That is the cutest, sweetest thing ever. What a doll!

Jen Campbell said...

That is a GREAT story :-) We're praying for you guys today as you begin the drive, and adventure :-) Excited for your new start (again) in Colorado... wish it was closer to Palmyra :-) Love you guys!