Monday, July 26, 2010


Summer still has many glorious days to come.
However, my family has had a condensed summer vacation.  The next month involves a cross country move.
We will be busy settling into our new home and getting the kids ready for school that begins just 2 weeks after we move in.
Autumn will be upon us and our summer will be lost in the unpacking.  
So here are the highlights of our 2010 summer.

My list of 1000 continues...

275.  homemade slip and slides

276.  grassy bare feet
277.  battle weary sliders resting in the sun
278.  homemade popsicles
279.  beautiful wooden boats
280.  braids
281.  freckles
282.  sparkling water
283.  wind in your hair
284.  little boy's laughter
285.  missing front teeth

286.  should I?
287.  maybe I will...
288.  YAHOO!
289.  berry picking
290.  pie making
291.  family reunions
292.  hammock time
293.  cousins
294.  matching sundresses in sherbet colors
295.  water guns
296.  grilled chicken
297.  stick-ups
298.  new babies
299.  perfect summer meals
300.  knowing that there is a season for everything

Thank you Lord for summer days, for change, for seasons of life and gifts aplenty!


Nancy said...

Great pics--kinda made me want to crash your family picnic. Love the matching sherbet-colored sundresses. Hooray for #288. YAHOO!

Maria said...

Smiling at them all!
Love each scene...

the pie...there's nothing like pie made same day as pickin'

the "stick-up" LOL

the smiles!

cousins {my kids are still BEST FRIENDS with their cousins!}

Enjoy thousands more blessings!