Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Two weeks ago Ann at Holy Experience wrote a very moving post about her trip to Guatamala.  She challenged everyone to think and write about how to "serve the least of these".  I wrote a post in which I  dared myself to be more than touched by the story, to actually do something more than write a blog post.

Last week I didn't participate.  I wrote about stealing peaches instead because I had a funny story to share but also because I had not made any progress on my goal of making something happen.  It is so easy to be blinded by the business and busyness of life.  Our family has made a huge transition moving, beginning a busy school life and settling into a new community and I have been so focused on  adjusting the kids and setting up our home.  It's easy to have tunnel vision.

But I feel a pull to do something more.  And it can be difficult to have eyes that truly see.  So I have been reading and listening to others and purposefully looking for opportunities.

Here are some of the things I found over the last few weeks.

-  My wonderful new neighbors, the Woods family, are leaving for Rwanda Africa today.  In fact they are gone as of 5:00 this morning.  Paul did some work on our house before we moved in.  Jennifer would have been my son's 2nd grade teacher.  Their son Matthew has been a partner in crime with my boys since the day we moved in. They have put their suburban American life on hold and will be working with Rwandan missionaries for 2 years.  I will be praying for them and following their blog Woods in Rwanda.

-  I loved a post by fellow blogger Michelle of Graceful about delivering Meals on Wheels with her young children.  Check out Graceful: Wheeling Meals.   I love that makes an impact on her own community.

- Another new friend is organizing a sewing group to make blankets and toys for an orphanage in Africa that her father is affiliated with.  

I am motivated by these folks to keep looking and praying that the right opportunity will show itself to me despite my nearsightedness.

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Nancy said...

I'm feeling that same sort of tug, just not knowing in what direction I'm being tugged. I wonder, is offering up words enough? I'll keep checking back with you to see what the Lord reveals. Blessings.