Monday, February 7, 2011


Molly's 5th birthday party was a hit.  She had 3 little friends over for a Teddy Bear Picnic.  We actually only had 1 teddy bear arrive.  The other stuffed guests included a lamb, an elephant, and a bunny.  It was a cold bitter day but we decked out our heated gazebo with pink streamers, balloons, picnic blankets and a pink tulle canopy we bought Molly for her bed.  

The girls each had their own little picnic basket packed with a party hat, a pink gingham placemat, and a teacup that Molly had picked for each of them at the thrift store.  On the menu we had peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches, pretzels, strawberries and pink lemonade.
After lunch Molly blew out the candles on 5 lemon cupcakes with raspberry cream cheese frosting and opened presents from all her friends.  It was so cute to see the girls proud of what they picked out for Molly.  We ended the afternoon with a dance party.  One little guest, attempting a twirl,  slipped on our wood floors in her socks and banged her knee.  There were some tears and a request for Mommy but a cookie helped and everyone left happy.

I can't believe she is 5!


Maria said...

Happy Birthday to Molly! {I love that name!}
It looks like she had a "beary" nice day!
I love her Vermont Teddy bear... they have the sweetest faces, don't they?!
When each day is celebrated, the way you do, Misty... life becomes timeless ~ each day is wrapped in eternal love!
*blessings to you and your family
... and your wonderful daughter of FIVE ! ! !

Graceful said...

That is THE cutest idea (oh to have a girl!). And I have to say...a heated gazebo sounds pretty darn great!

And thank you friend, for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment yesterday -- so grateful for that...and you!