Friday, August 5, 2011


My kids start back to school in a week.  We have had such a busy summer, full of adventures and I haven't had time to record any of it.

So, here is my 2011 summer recap.

The first week of summer break the kids watched TV and played video games nonstop while I sat in the dining room amid mountains of worksheets, macaroni crafts, report cards, Thanksgiving crafts, finger paintings and notebooks filled with writing projects and journal entries.  How to sort, organize and agonizingly decide what goes to the trash was the task ahead of me during that first week of summer.

It is truly an overwhelming task for a mom of 4.
I began with the first born, with the scrapbook of school days already begun.
 My preschooler who has just finished his elementary education and is now wading into the waters of middle school.  There were a few tears shed.  After 2 days in the dining room I was able to pack everything precious about his school days into a plastic bin that will likely be slid under a bed and forgotten for some time.  But occasionally, that preschool face, proudly holding the flowers planted in a Dixie cup, is the face I see when I tuck him into bed at night.
There was a sadness in knowing that my first baby has hit this milestone but I am one to look forwards and not backwards too often. 
The lid is on.  The school year is officially over.  And our summer begins.

Part 2 tomorrow.

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Stacy said...

ugh - it just ate my comment....

glad to see you back after the summer away!

hope it was a great one.

my kids and I found picnik while I was recovering from my appendectomy. Fun stuff!!!