Monday, August 15, 2011


June 11th we were off on our annual summer trip to our cabin in New York.  A summer spent on the lake and in the cool mountains of the Finger Lakes Region has many gifts to count.

 551.  driving the boat
 552.  jumping into the cool lake water together
 553.  summer salads
 554.  jet ski hair
 555.  the "angry birds" dive
556.  swing time
 557.  slip and slides
 558.  penguin style tummy slides
559.  giggles and smiles
 560.  that perfect evening light
 561.  colored smoke bombs
 562.  melting smores
 563.  tent camping adventures in the yard
 564.  a bed in the house for me
 565.  hammock time
566.  bulldozer time
567.  barefoot all day
Now that's a good summer!
part 4 - Road Trip

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