Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Oh my goodness!  I'm so excited about my book clubs.  I got my friend excited about The Odyssey and now I have someone to talk with in person. The main purpose of this is so we can practice sounding smart about the Odyssey before we have to participate in the on-line forum.

Speaking of smart... I've read the introduction, all xlviii pages of it (however many that is).  I've even underlined stuff!  My goal is to read the first 2 chapters by Monday afternoon since Sarah and I are meeting to discuss the book over ice cream. This may be challenging however because I just received the book for my second book club in the mail today.  While waiting at an appointment I read the introduction and I do not want to put it down!  I am determined to find someone to read this one with me too and even do an experiment of our own.

While I am buried in my books and Ellie, Jack and Molly are still enjoying the newness, and excitement of the new school year, my oldest is wandering in a stupor of boredom.  His new school begins after Labor Day and since I will not allow him to play Wii all day he has resorted to some unusual forms of entertainment...
Putting the carrot back together after he has sliced it.  "Look mama, veggie puzzles!"

It's time for school to start.


Greg said...

Ha. Love the fix for boredom that Edward James Edward came up with :)

Also, xlvii is 48... :)

Have fun reading. I have a few surfaces that look like your nightstand does (from a few posts back). My reading eyes are definitely bigger than my reading stomach. But I keep trying!

Misty said...

I'm so glad I have smart friends who can translate Roman numerals for me!

Greg said...

The best part is that in my comment, the Roman numeral part was a typo! :) Your post has xlviii (48) but my comment only had xlvii (47) ... so, am I still smart??? :)