Saturday, May 22, 2010


Our Montreal trip was short and sweet.
My husband was there on business.  He called on Monday night and said "you have to come up".  So by Wednesday the kids and I were in the car, passports in hand, for a 1 night trip to "a real foreign country".  Only a 3 1/2 hour drive from our home in New Hampshire and we were in another world where they have different money, speak another language and have lots of old buildings - it was a thrill for a 4, 7 and 8 year old (and their mama!)

We were staying in the charming old town area with brick streets, beautiful architecture and outdoor cafes.
I love this sculpture tucked into a corner along one of the streets.
We arrived at 6 p.m. and went to dinner in a courtyard garden.  There was live jazz music, twinkle lights and French accents everywhere.  Of course for dinner we all had crepes.  Much to the shock and horror of my children, I ordered the rabbit crepe - just because I've never had rabbit before and was feeling daring in a foreign country and all.  It tasted like chicken.  But it was in a delicious mustard cream sauce with mushrooms and folded into a yummy crepe.

The next morning I was determined to find a bakery with croissants.  I assumed any place where French is spoken must have good pastries.  But alas, it was not to be!  I'm sure they are there somewhere but I could not find them  - so we had crepes!

A quick tour of the original Governor's Mansion and Gardens for an interesting overview of Quebec history, a peek into a few very chic shops and then off to a cupcake boutique that we had spotted the night before for lunch.  It wasn't croissants but it was a really fun experience.  I loved the decor as you will see by all the photos.
Decisions...decisions....   We ended up with Vanilla (because one girl could not resist the flower), Red Velvet (because the other girl can't resist multiple shades of red and pink in a single cupcake), Brownie Avalanche (because a 7 year old boy loves the idea of destruction and dessert together) and the Chocolate Orange because that is one of my favorite flavor combinations.
I almost didn't post this picture because it kinda looks like I'm making a rude gesture with my finger but I would never do that - especially in a cupcake store - and I wanted to show the cute decor.  See those chalkboard circles painted on the wall?  I love that.
Artwork on the walls also cute.  My talented and detail oriented 8 year old noticed that there were beads stuck in the wet paint for the glittery sprinkles on this cupcake.  We may have to buy a canvas and some fun colors this summer.
Final stop - a gorgeous old stationary shop.  Actually they call it a papeterie.  I love pens, papers, books and all the little notions you find in these places.  I wish I had taken a photo of this charming shop to share with you. Here I bought a souvenir.  A pen and some violet ink cartridges.
This may look like a pink plastic pen that you could buy at Staples but it isn't.
 It's a fountain pen which always feels like a luxury to write with.  Even if all you write is a grocery list!
It was a great trip - just a taste on Montreal that left us wanting more.  


Maria said...

Montreal, what a beautiful city~ une belle ville!

The cupcakes are so cute... I love the swirls on the walls too!
Your kids look so excited to see all the different kinds and sweetly decorated treats!

I miss using a fountain pen... do they still use the cartridges? I think we have one somewhere around the house that went with a calligraphy set...
When I was in grade school we used fountain pens all the time. Handwriting looked so nice with a fountain pen~
Have a wonderful Sunday, Misty!

Misty said...

Dig out that fountain pen! You can buy cartridges or a pump that you fill with those beautiful bottles of ink. I bought some red ink from Mont Blanc that is rose scented. I also have some emerald green ink and the new violet cartridges I bought in Montreal.
I don't know much about calligraphy pens. I think they are a little different because you can change out the nibs for different sizes. This shop had some beautiful pens for $300 or more but my purchase was $35 and writes as smooth as silk.
Thanks for visiting and being a regular commenter. It's been fun getting to know you.