Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My kids love the Mario Brothers games.  We have even incorporated some of its lingo into our daily life.  It is desirable in the game to get turbo boost so you can go at super speed.  So when we are taking a walk with the dog my little ones will shout "turbo boost!" and off they go.  When we are in a hurry to get out the door I have resorted to speaking their language and announced "We need turbo boost or we will be late.  And there are no bonus points for late."

Turbo boost comes in handy.
There is also fly power.  My husband has that.  He is on the go for work, flying all over the country.

I've read so many great things about slowing down lately.  I have to make an effort to do so because I come from a long line of busy, on-the-go women.  I like getting things done.  I guess that's one of the reasons I love knitting, because I can sit and relax and I'm still accomplishing something.  So I work at slowing the pace.  I work at setting aside the list and playing with my children.  I work at finding quiet time to read my Bible and pray and be still.

...this summer my entire family is on TURBO BOOST.  We are moving and of course typical for our family we are not doing it the easy way.
I'm sad to say my blog postings will be sparse.  We have super speed in our schedule and will be in and out of town for a while.  I don't have a laptop but I may be able to wrestle my husband to the ground for his while we are on the road.

Here is an overview of our crazy life.

After months of wondering where we go when our lease is up here, we finally decide to move back to Colorado because life is good there.  Tim stops in Denver for the weekend on his way home from California to look at houses and schools.    

-1 week trip to Florida to visit family (2 very long days each way)
-made an offer on a house
-crazy amounts of time spent chasing mortgage requirements and overnighting paperwork
-survived a big moving sale
day 2 of the Florida road trip

-spent a total of 6 days in the car to be in Oklahoma for Mother's Day and Jack's birthday
-while residents of the state of New Hampshire we closed on a house in Colorado while on a vacation in Oklahoma.  Correction - I was in Oklahoma.  By this time Tim was in Indiana for a trade show. It took some creativity and preplanning to pull that off!
-home for 4 days then off to meet Tim in Montreal for 1 night because the pull of a French speaking place that may have really good croissants is too great to resist and worth the 3 hour drive time.
-home for 1 week in which some serious packing must occur and dog must be neutered
the birthday boy in Oklahoma
-spend 1st week in New York with family
-3 weeks home to stuff belongings of 6 people and 16 years of marriage into boxes

-back to New York  to spend (DARE I SAY IT) some down time at the cabin for a few weeks
-back to New Hampshire to load the trucks and say farewell
-2000 mile road trip - 1 SUV, 2 moving trucks, 1 brother-in-law, a dog, and 5 children and possibly 2  senior citizens if Mema and Poppy decide to tag along.  Of course that would also increase the dog count by 1since they have a new puppy.
road trip style

August 1 - Move into our new home!

Then I do this...

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Maria said...

Hi Misty!
Wow... and I thought a retirement, graduation and a wedding were a lot in one season! Moving takes the cake and ...

I do hope you can find some knitting moments in between all of this... What a time, but one you'll always remember...
Your home is lovely... a real blessing!
happy trails and Godspeed!
♥ Maria