Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I'm wrapping up my life,
packing everything in boxes,
tucking the precious between layers of the everyday.
Boxes are beginning to accumulate in the hallway.  Things are being evaluated.  Do I really love this enough to move it across the country?  We have moved often enough that we are experts at clearing the clutter, packing efficiently and checking off the endless to do list involved in moving.

In preparing for our upcoming move I found some old slides and had them put on a disc.  To my surprise I found a delightful picture of my grandparents and myself.  Many of you have said you enjoyed the yellow shoe story so I thought you might like to put some faces to the story.
I love this photo.  It was 1972 and they look vibrant and happy.
(I still have that sailor dress and both my girls wore it when they were little.)

Sometimes you get a fresh start in life.
And sometimes when you are wrapping things up, you find some treasures.

I'm linking up to someplace new today.  A beautiful site that I have recently enjoyed visiting.
Check out what other treasures are found in the ordinary by visiting below.
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dawn said...

tucking the precious between the layers of the everyday...I love this! Isn't that what life is about--finding ways to intertwine what's most important to us with the everyday. love it!

Michelle said...

I love old family pictures too! All the best on your move. You're a beautiful writer, love your pharsing.

Dayle Allen Shockley said...

That photograph is certainly a treasure. Lovely post.

Sharon said...

That evaluation process can be a hard one! All the best on your upcoming move.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness. I love that dress. LOVE that your daughters wore it. Love your grandparents. I think that Grandparents are some of the best sorts of people on the planet!