Monday, May 24, 2010


My schedule has had me away from my computer for a few weeks and I have missed creating my list each Monday.  It is a concrete way to count my blessings and occasionally adjust an attitude. We have been on the road and will be again next week.  The list goes on... 

194.  good weather and safe travels on a long road trip to Oklahoma
195.  that first, run to meet her in the parking lot,  greeting
196.  a birthday party with all the Oklahoma cousins
197.  letting the birthday boy pick his own lunch from the buffet  (banana, blue jello and black olives for the 1st course)
198.  showing my children icons of my hometown
199.  and fine dining

200. perfect peonies
201.  and rose gardens
202.  crepe paper olympic games
203.  chopstick lessons with Uncle Jonathan
204.  arriving home
205.  sleeping in your own bed
206.  getting to the bottom of the laundry basket
207.  then leaving again for another adventure with a list of its own
208.  closing on a new home
209.  knowing God's hand in our plans
210.  looking forward to the changes to come
Lots of Goodness to share!
If only I had more time!    Stay tuned... 


Annesta said...

Such a beautiful list with gorgeous pictures. I join you in gratitude for beautiful flowers. We live in an area of the USA that does not get peonies unless you buy them in a flower shop. I love seeing them growing.
And root beer....yummy goodness for sure!
Enjoyed visiting your blog and reading your heart felt gratitude list.

Layton Family Joy said...

rootbeer is fine dining in my book! YUM!