Sunday, August 8, 2010


On the 1st day you start off in this east coast landscape of trees and familiar places.

On the second day you hit the Midwestern plains and endless corn.

On the 3rd day you are pleased to find this gas station - the only sign of life for 100 miles.

When your children happily share the one apparatus at a random rest stop playground.

When you listen to an hour long discussion on Martha Stewart Satellite Radio about how to organize dish towels and the items under your kitchen sink, and you find it fascinating.
(Other topics on satellite radio include how to make Peruvian style ceviche,  the 10 keys to a successful marriage, and a song entitled "Everybody Burps" on kids radio.)

When your children have new experiences at every stop.  "What kind of crazy phone is this mama?"

When you break all your own rules for healthy eating and pass out lollipops every hour.
And you eat your three day supply of chocolate on the first day.

When stopping for gas is reason to smile.

When you are glad to have GPS so that your children can build a "navigational room" in the middle row with all your maps.

When you spend an hour determining the perfect lumbar support setting and seat tilt for maximum comfort
(and honestly you didn't know you had those controls before).

When your mantra becomes "Follow the big yellow truck.  Keep your eyes on the truck.  The yellow truck is your guide."

When you finally see the sign for your destination state you MUST stop for a photo
and the first thing your dog does is step across the state line to mark his territory.

And you know it's over when you arrive in your new home town and are greeted by this scene and you feel so grateful. 

We are thrilled to be here and have so much more to share.  Thank you to all our friends and family members who helped us get here by, packing, cleaning, watching children, loading trucks, driving trucks, and praying for a safe journey!


blcollette said...

Been checking in daily & was so happy to share a cup of tea with you & your blog this morning! Such a beautiful photo of everyone arriving in the state you will now call "Home". I've been reading a book about knitting & wished you were here to show me what they were talking about... Send me you email address soon. With many smiles & a big NH hug!

Nancy said...

Just the tiniest bit envious--not of the long car ride and strange attachment to the yellow truck--but, oh, to live on Colorado! Blessings to you in your new place.