Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Today it began.
That morning rush.
Alarms buzzing, showers starting, lunches being packed, rushing to the breakfast table.

My 7 year old was dressed and ready, with his backpack on, at 6:30 AM.  My 5th grader ready to get there early so he can meet his new teacher.

It's the first day of school.  A new school in a new town.  New teachers, new backpacks, new friends, new experiences.
My kids were so eager to go!

I'm so thankful that there were no teary eyes. They went forth with excitement and confidence.

And then there was one.
Our little Molly, who has asked me three times already, "When do we go get them?"

I was invited out to a mother's breakfast - a tradition on the first day of school with some of my new neighbors.  It was lovely, and they were such an encouragement.  There are new things for us all in this season.

And now I am home in a quiet house wondering how I got to this point.  Grateful that I am here but a little lost too.  I can't wait for 3:00 so I can hear how their day went!

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Jenny said...

sweet post. Good luck on your new everything!

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

Awww I actually miss those first day photos! I may ask my mom to send me some of mine!

Dawn said...

First day here too. So much fun. Glad your kids went off without a hitch and hope they had a great day!

Maria said...

Hi Misty!
Oh I'm so glad I stopped over!
My father fell a couple of weeks ago, broke his clavicle and can't use his cane... he's so unsteady while walking... so, he's been living with us since...
~I'm so glad to have found a few moments to catch up!

What a wonderful 'traveler's" journal you have written here!
Do print these and add them to an album or scrapbook... the post "you know you're on a long road trip if..." was so fun to read!

I love all your photos... the one under the Colorado sign is great!

The little peek at your pretty white house was also fun to see... how very, very pretty!

God bless you, your husband, children and dog as you begin your life in the new home, and new location... May your home be filled up with the best memories ever!

Have a very happy new school year too!
Blessings always ~ Maria

Nancy said...

So glad you got to be part of a mother's breakfast in your new place. Thankful also for no tears! Behold, in the midst of the sadness of things left behind, He is making all things new!