Monday, August 16, 2010


If I had the time to sit at the computer for hours today I could finish up my list of 1,000 gifts.

There are easily 1,000 things that I am thankful for regarding our move.  We have been settling in and enjoying ourselves in our new neighborhood so much that I have not had the time to blog.  And I haven't been taking nearly enough photos either!

301.  happy travelers
302.  little kids in sunglasses
303.  walking trails with mountain views
304.  remembering how to get around town
305.  finding the new places since we last lived here
306.  Chick-Fil-A
307.  big walk-in closets
308.  friendly neighbors
309.  new friends for my children
310.  milk delivery from a local dairy
311.  summer squash from the farm stand, sauteed in butter
312.  dry, sunny days
313.  my new clothesline
314.  bright blue skies
315.  family walks every evening 
316.  Haagen-Dazs cookie dough ice cream and watching The Office on AppleTV every night with my husband
317.  children excited to start school 
318.  3 great new teachers met at parent orientation 
319.  discovering what is blooming in my new yard
320.  collection of paint chips and decorating plans
321.  unpacking the last box
322.  realizing that after 7 months of praying, planning and packing we can finally call this home
323.  remembering that day when I asked God to make it happen
324.  peace that passes understanding
325.  grateful praise


GlowinGirl said...

Oh my! What a breathtaking mountain view! Can I stop by? :)

Love little kids in sunglasses too. Giving thanks with you!

Kathleen@so much to say, so little time said...

This is a beautiful list..and I second the mountain view. And stopping by. :)

Jenny said...

Beautiful! I'm so glad all things are well. Contact me if you want a clothesline picture for your laundry room, although you could take one just as great!

Heather said...

I loved how you found so many wonderful things about moving! I'm just remembering back to our move of 15 miles with a toddler... I could have used a perspective of gratitude for all of the wonderful things about it back then...

Sara said...

The smell of laundry off the line ... on my list today as well.

As always a joy to splash around in thankfulness. Your blog, simply delightful.

Splashin' in His goodness,

Lindsey V said...

Misty, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my page. I KNOW that the Father really sent you there today as when I read your gratitude list today, I linked back to your BOLD prayer about moving. My husband and I are currently in a similar crossroads and I have been so scared and wanting HIS will above all else. Your journey with the Lord has given me courage and hope! Thanks for being an obedient vessel, even out here in blog world! :)

JoAnn said...

ohhh Chick Fil A!
You know what? that laundry picture is ahmazing. Wow.
I'm so glad to read your list. it's just full of joy.

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

I love the Chick!
The mountain and clothes line photo were beautiful!