Sunday, November 7, 2010


I love the light in Colorado and although I have simple equipment and no training, I love taking pictures of  "the glow".  I do a double take and pull out my camera when I notice the golden light on things.  Every time I walk the trail behind our neighborhood, the mountains create a different scene.  Things are always changing, the light, the cloud formations, the colors of the sky.  It's a wonder of God's creation.

It strikes me as funny that Colorado is known as "Colorful Colorado"  because coming from the East Coast where things are lush green, and my favorite, peonies, azaleas, flowering trees, wild violets and daffodils burst forth with little effort, Colorado is a place of brown and gold with blue skies.  But there is something about the light here that makes everything beautiful.

I am loving our new life here.  Maybe that's why things are glowing.  We are busy, but a good busy not a hectic busy.  I have been absent from my blog and I miss the communication but I don't find it as necessary as when I was so isolated and my blog was my link to society and sanity.

I learned from another blogging mom that there are companies that will publish, in hardcover book form, the contents of your blog.  She does this instead of scrapbooking.  I think this is a fabulous idea.

When you have babies everyone tells you "write it down, those milestones and cute stories, or you will forget".  And you do ... forget.  You forget to write it down, you forget those moments you think you won't.  So I have a new goal here at Yellow Shoe Day - to preserve those moments and thoughts I want to share with my children.  Since I do not have the discipline to stick with a pen a paper journal, that may or may not be appreciated, or even remembered, many years down the road, I will choose the method that gives me instant gratification, pretty pictures and the occasional feedback.  
Hope things are glowing in your neighborhood.


Maria said...

Hi Misty!
Oh wow... things are really glowing there. What beautiful captures of the sunlight through the grain and fields. Love the golden glow~

I follow another blogger from CO
Barbara from "Live and Learn"

Maria said...

oops... I wasn't finished LOL
I hit that Post button instead of a key on my computer!
Anyway... what was I typing ;o)
Here's Barb's blog link:
Live and Learn

She posts about the most beautiful things in Denver and Brekenridge. I really enjoy her commentary too.
... as I do your posts.

I have my posts emailed to the google account that goes with my blog. Barb actually told me about this. It is sent so that you can print it like a document - photos and all {comments are not there thought}

Can you believe Thanksgiving is upon us!

I hope you're having a wonderful autumn...