Monday, November 8, 2010

GIFTS 416-440

416.  a slow change of season
417.  bread rising in the oven
418.  successful high altitude baking
419.  doggie daycare
420.  having a tired pup napping at your feet
421.  visits from family
422.  neighborhood parties
423.  timely knitting advice
424.  fabric swatches for girly rooms
425.  5th grade service projects
426.  Operation Christmas Child boxes stacked on our table
427.  a bold new painting project - did I really just paint that blue on a whim?
428.  field trips
429.  trips back in time
430.  a boy's fascination with chamber pots, and "cool chickens"
431.  an appreciation of the ease of modern life
432.  the strength and determination of the pioneers
433.  aquariums
434.  fancy desserts
435.  art projects
436.  Christmas shopping, mostly finished
437.  a new babysitter
438.  3-D glasses
439.  pumpkin carving

440.  grace, grace and more grace, overflowing

Thank you Lord for blessings overflowing,
lists never ending,
promises forever kept,
goodness surrounding,
 magnified by the light of gratitude.


Nancy said...

I heart #426 and love, love, love #427! Hooray for getting the shopping done so you can just bathe in the joy of Christmas!

Loni said...

WOW! Your pictures are so lovely and so much for great gratitude! THANK YOU for sharing!

Greg said...

Hi Misty! Wow, that's a lot of gifts! (Haven't been to your blog in a while... I have some catching up to do!!) :-)

I need an updated email address for you... do you still have mine? If so, please email me your updated contact info! :-)