Tuesday, November 23, 2010




Last night we attended an adorable musical called The Turkeys Go On Strike.  Each of the three 2nd and 3rd grade classes at our school were assigned to be, Indians, Turkeys, Pilgrims, Football Players, TV Reporters, or Cranberries.  A synopsis of the show is this:  

The newscasters report that there is trouble at the Gobble Gobble factory.  The turkeys have gone on strike.  Thanksgiving must be canceled!  The turkeys revolt.  The football players protest the cancellation.  The cranberries are thrilled to lose their side dish status and offer to be the new main course.  The indians and pilgrims are interviewed.  In the end the true meaning of Thanksgiving is discovered and everyone breaks out in song.

All very cute!

However there was an unplanned side show going on.  One of the adorable little turkeys in Ellie's class threw up on stage.  Midway through the performance adults start peaking through the curtain.  The turkey section is moved off the risers and shuffle down onto the floor.  The reporters never break stride.  Next, the cranberries and turkey section seem to be holding their noses while performing.  A few are even pulling their shirts over their noses.  Hands reach through the curtain and start wiping up the mess.  All while the cranberries are jamming to Everybody Dance Now.  A few minutes later another hand reaches through with a can of Lysol.  In the bright stage lights you see a cloud of disinfectant billowing over the turkey section.  And still the show goes on!  It brought tears to my eyes.  

(I'll leave it to you to determine if they were tears of a proud mama or the tears produced when you want to laugh so hard but are trying to keep composure.)

Here is a clip.  The unfortunate turkey who stole the show is the cute tall boy behind Ellie in the back.  He made it through his song then exited stage left.  You will also notice Jack, our indian on the screen. It was a fun evening.

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