Monday, February 1, 2010

1,000 GIFTS

I'm a list maker.  I love lists.  I need lists to make my day run smoothly.  If I don't write it down there is a good chance it will not happen.  Beyond the daily chores I have lists (or collections) of quotations I like, recipes I enjoy, a journal listing prayers for my children, a booklist and a project list.  

Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience has been a huge inspiration for me as a mother, a Christian and a writer.  She began listing her blessings online and it has grown into what she calls a "gratitude community".  Read her story here.

Today I will begin a new list.  A list of  "One Thousand Gifts".  

holy experience

1.  a dear friend who is watching my children today and giving me the precious gift of time 
2.  hot barley soup on a cold gray day
3.  the peace I feel putting pen to paper
4.  my nightly "raspberry" on the cheek when I tuck in a silly little boy
5.  the yellow primroses in my window that remind me of what is to come


Anonymous said...

Ok, I am way too impressed with your technical savvy. Where do you find the time? By the way, is StacyB a friend of yours?

Just Mema

Misty said...

OK here goes! I see blogs where the author comments back to the reader's comment. I just never know how well that works. Will Mema go back and check my post for the answer to her questions? So Mema, if you read this:
A. I make little notes throughout the day as I think of things then leave them by the computer. After the kids are in bed I spend about 30 minutes on the computer. As you can see it is 1:15p.m. when I am writing this, so I do check email and peek in on comments throughout the day. The kids are watching Price Is Right. That's schoolwork isn't it?
B. Stacy B is a friend of mine who has a blog of her own and totally gets it!

Jennifer said...

Nice to meet you, Misty. What a lovely blog! I look forward to visiting again. And the yellow shoe story... priceless.

Welcome to the Gratitude Community!


Anonymous said...

One Thousand Gifts... Very inspiring. Thank you, Misty!