Monday, February 22, 2010


Family traditions are the fibers that weave us together.  Through these shared experiences, individuals are created into a unified story. 
A story with many characters, with chapters of happiness, loss, trials and triumphs.  A story to share and pass on.  

My list of 1000 gifts continues...

26.  the chipped blue pot and ancient wooden spoon that served up my Grandmother's wild      rice at every holiday occasion during my childhood
27.  sisters mixing up our Saturday morning pancake tradition
28.  pasta night at our house complete with candles and "Italian Dinner Music" 
29.  Tuesday night pizza and Wii tournament 
30.  tucking in my children with the same technique my Grandmother used - a tight head to toes "tuck-tuck"
31.  the sleds that have given rides to 4 generations of my husbands family
32.  introducing children to old family traditions - rolling the minulati
33. the train running around my Grandparents Christmas tree that now runs around mine
34.  the powdered sugar donuts that Santa leaves along with a new toothbrush

Thank you Lord for the traditions old and new that bind us together.  

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