Sunday, September 12, 2010


326.  the last blooms of summer
327.  a crispness in the morning air
328.  preparing for autumn
329.  old books
330.  lamplight
331.   sparkly new big-girl bikes
332.  making a new friend that shares my paint and fabric obsession
333.  Wednesday night dinners at church
334.  hearing the girl chatter from my daughter's room 
335.  lemonade stands
336.  community garage sales
337.  story time crafts at the library
338.  gummy worms
339.  the 48 hour painting crew
340.  new pale pink walls (no pictures until I finish the curtains)
341.  online knitting sites
342.  the magic that happens with 2 sticks and some string
343.  frilly new teacups
344.  a cup of tea on the front porch in the cool morning air
345.  vintage typewriters
346.  the color orange
347.  new friends at the dog park
348.  dogs and kids wearing each other out by running laps 
349.  a hilarious site at the Walmart intersection  (prairie dogs waiting for the light to change!)
350.  100% on spelling tests
351.  pizza day at school
352.  carpooling
353.  teachers who assign "random acts of kindness" as homework
354.  compliments on my children's behavior from the couple behind us in church
355.  a soft mattress and feather pillow
356.  a change of attitude
357.  how easily a list of hundreds is compiled
358.  the abundance of God's love and care


Maria said...

Misty, this list is great... I can see you have settled into your new community so well!
I can't wait to see the newly painted room ~ your kids are just adorable and the photo of the prairie dogs at Walmart is hysterical! Could you hear me laughing? I'm still smiling as I write!

Wishing you a sweet September week!
blessings to you and your family,

Ellen Grant said...

i LOVE tea cups =) Glad you're getting settled in. We are JUST beginning the process. Oh, I could do without it!! Happy beginning of FALL!!