Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have a confession to make.

I am a thief.

I have a new friend that has influenced me to turn to a life of crime.

You see, we have been walking our dogs together everyday.  And there is this house down the street that has been for sale for quite a while.  There is a beautiful peach tree in the yard that is being ignored.  Everyday we say  "I can't believe they are not picking those peaches!"  or "Look at those beautiful peaches still on that tree!"
And then she says casually "we ought to come down one night...".

The seed is planted.

We begin to case the joint.

How many other houses look out on that peach tree?
What time does it get dark?
What do we say if we get caught?
Do you have a good peach pie recipe?

And then... we notice a moving truck.  What luck!  They are moving out.
Now we pass an empty house.  Are the new owners coming soon?  Are they anticipating their new peach tree?  We discuss this for days.

Then 3 days ago we see that the peaches are now beginning to fall to the ground and rot by the dozens.  For shame!  Now we MUST pick them.  It is our civic duty to not let those peaches go to waste.

"I'll call you at 9:00 pm."

The phone rings.
"I'm putting on my black coat so my white T-shirt doesn't attract attention.  Should we bring a flashlight?"
My husband says in the background "Tell her you can borrow my night vision goggles."
Her husband says "Make sure you get at least 20-30 peaches."

Down the alley we go.  We cut between the garage and the side yard.  She steps on the metal for sale sign that has been thrown behind the garage and it clatters loudly.  I begin to laugh then I step on a rotten peach and it squirts everywhere.  More laughter.  Then we begin to fill our bags.  My life of crime has begun.
It was fun and the peaches are so good!  Yesterday she came over and we made peach cobbler for our families and had no remorse.

While the kids are in school we take the dogs on a longer walk around the lake and past a community garden.
What a pretty sight - a lake, mountain views, and pumpkins growing on their vines signaling the days of autumn to come.

Hum... "Do you have a wheelbarrow?"


Maria said...

OHHHH this is a great story!

I would be thinking AND DOING the same thing!

You're so funny and so REAL ... love the story!
Wish we were neighbors too :D


Ellen Grant said...

So fun! Of course you couldn't let those peaches go to waste!

Nancy said...