Friday, September 10, 2010


Blogging is like a good exercise routine.  Once you have momentum it just comes naturally.

I did train and complete a half marathon once, but believe me, that was an exception to the rule I have about avoiding perspiration.  So like an exercise routine, I fell off my blogging routine when we moved.  I have enjoyed my break (which involved lots of stupid television shows and several pints of Haggan Dazs cookie dough ice cream).  It was nice.

But so is blogging, and I miss it.
Besides, all 3 of my fans have been asking where I am.

So, here I am.  Back at the computer.

Today I have a quick list.   I'm stealing this idea from Jenny's blog.  She occasionally posts "7 QTs" or quick-takes of her life.

1.  I am looking forward to autumn and cooler temperatures.  Last night I spent an hour catching up with some of my favorite blog reading.  One place I have loved to visit since I discovered blogging is The Inspired Room.  In fact, her Holiday Open House Tour in 2008 is what got me thinking that blogging could be really fun and interactive.  So today I am inspired to welcome fall after visiting her 3rd annual Fall Nesting Party.   There are 175 other bloggers linked up at her place sharing all the ways they have welcomed autumn.  Oh there are some good ideas!

2.  The honeymoon is over for my eager to attend school kiddos.  The reality of alarm clocks ringing, homework and long days has set in.  But they are doing well overall. And their mama is able to run errands, and complete a thought and breathe all by herself.

3.  The painting has commenced!  My mother came for the Labor Day weekend and we transformed Molly's room from brown to pale pink.  I'll have a proper "Before and After" post when I finish sewing the curtains.

4.  My dog has shed the Cone of Shame.  His eye has healed and he is back to his usual activity.  He starts school next month to brush up on his training.

5.  I've finally started a new knitting project.  When my mom was here she was knitting and my hands were just itching to pick up some needles.  So here is a preview of my next project - a short sleeve, long length, fitted cardigan, in a blue and green variegated yarn.

6.  Our youngest finally has the long-coveted, big girl bike.  It is a sparkly purple Hello Kitty bike with streamers and a zipper pouch (not a basket).  She loves it!

7.  In the kitchen - It's almost apple pie season and I'm ready to bake.  I'm looking for some quick and yummy ideas for breakfasts.  We are not big on cold cereal at our house.  Any ideas for breakfast casseroles or anything quick and/or make ahead?  Please share.


Nancy said...

Was wondering where you've been! So glad you're back. Love tha fall pictures. I, too, have a rule about avoiding perspiration. Love the idea of quick takes, and covet youngest's dress!

edie said...

love that yarn misty! can't wait to see what you do with it.

Anonymous said...

Misty! Love that you are back blogging and can't wait to see more pics of you, Timmy & kiddies :)