Thursday, September 16, 2010


I am a terrible tooth fairy!  I have forgotten more than once.  

Like last night...

And the night before that.


So the story is this.  Jack got knocked in the face during a crazy game of tag.  His tooth fell out.  

Round 1:
We put it in a plastic baggie and tucked it under his pillow.  All set.

It wasn't until the next morning that I remembered.  And in all honestly, not until Jack reached under his pillow to find nothing.  

And I mean nothing.  No money, no tooth, no plastic bag!   

"Oh! Look Jack.  You must have knocked it through this crack at the head of your bed"  I said.
"The tooth fairy never knew it was there.  She doesn't look under beds you know, only under pillows". 
And we pushed the mattress forward and tucked the bag back under the pillow.

Round 2:
Last night - Success!  I remembered to put a crisp one dollar bill into the baggie and remove the tooth.  
Unfortunately I had no pockets and it was dark so I set the tooth on the tabletop outside his bedroom while I went to tuck in my older (non-tooth fairy believing) son.  And here is where my failure continues.  I forgot the tooth.  It sits there in plain sight for 24 hours.

Round 3:  
Tonight as I tuck my young one in bed and kiss him goodnight he giggles and says "I gotta tell you something mama.  I'm testing to see if the tooth fairy is real."
I wait.  Racking my brain to see where this is going.
"I found a tooth out there by the TV and I put it in a plastic bag and put in under my pillow!"

"Good idea sweetie" I say and shut the door.  
Now what?  This is such a comedy of errors.  Jack just doubled his money!
I don't know who is fooling who around here. 


Kim Hyland said...

"I gotta tell you something mama. I'm testing to see if the tooth fairy is real." This is SO funny! Nice to know I'm not the only "Tooth Fairy Fail"! Eventually, my kids just got to where they'd bring me the tooth, and I'd give them a dollar :P Thanks for visiting me!

Graceful said...

Oh my gosh, this is so funny! I tell you, we have forgotten the tooth fairy more than once around here, too. Darn that TF, it's much easier when they find out the truth!