Monday, December 13, 2010


The 4th Day of Christmas

Ellie is in the elementary chorus at school.
Recently they donned Santa hats and sang Christmas carols at the hospital and then at an outdoor skating rink in our town.
She has a lovely voice and with a fit of giggles she admitted that she sings in the shower.
Her favorite song is Away In A Manger which she sang to Tim and I last night.
We told her she should try out for one of the chorus solos next time.
That terrified yet delighted her at the same time.  
What is better than little children singing Christmas Carols?

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Maria said...

Hi Misty!
Oh how precious and adorable your children are!
Everyone looks very happy after your big move to CO... Smiles abound!
Your photographs are great, Misty!
I love them all... right down to your daughter's polkadot dress ~ so cute!
Your "Norman Rockwell" shot is fabulous! One for the scrapbooks!
We have also really enjoyed "Operation Christmas Child" Isn't that a great program?!
I know you are enjoying all of the merry and bright days of Christmastime!
Bless you all*