Thursday, December 2, 2010


We all know the expression What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  Well, let's hope it's true this Thanksgiving.  

My mother was a good sport for coming along and suffering through a horrible Thanksgiving meal at the Excaliber Tournament of Knights. No pumpkin pie, no stuffing, no turkey.  Instead we had to eat a whole chicken with our bare hands, middle ages style.  The show was corny but the kids LOVED it.  
Have you ever heard of a Thanksgiving Meal where you leave hungry?

That's just WRONG people.

...So we went for ice cream afterwards.

My mother also wins an award for going above and beyond when Edward threw up the first night we were there.  We had adjoining rooms and put the two oldest in with her.  We never knew until the next morning that she had nursed him and waited over an hour for the grouchy housekeeping staff to bring clean sheets.  

It wasn't all bad though. We had fun watching the fountain show at The Bellagio and walking around the beautiful lobby with blown glass on the ceiling and a whimsical indoor garden.

The kids enjoyed riding the monorail and looking at all the crazy themed hotels.
We went to an aquarium, a chocolate restaurant, and took a fascinating tour of the Hoover Dam.

Let's just say it was a memorable adventure!  But next year - TURKEY!


Nancy said...

You are a daring, adventurous mom--ripping apart a chicken with your bare hands! And on Thanksgiving! Love the new photos in your header.

Graceful said...

I would have been pining for turkey for sure. But I am obsessed with the Hoover Dam, so that would have eased the pain a bit.

Those "jelly fish" blown glass are totally cool -- great pic!

Ellen Grant said...

Awww man! (As my 4 year old would say)
Sometimes there's just nothing better than turkey around the table with family.
sometimes it's fun to just do things different!
Maybe you can have some turkey for Christmas? =)