Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The 5th Day of Christmas
Welcome to the first Christmas in our new home.  
It's fun to pull out boxes and remember Christmases past.
Here are a few of our favorite things.
and homemade.
These nativity hurricane lamps I bought last year and I love how they glow.
These photos are out all year but I love them at Christmas time.
The one on the left is my husband and his cousins in a very 1970's Christmas shot.
The photo on the right is a very similar 70's Christmas shot of my childhood.
Then there is the red ribbon box that holds special Christmas cards I have saved over the years.
It is fun to go back and read the personal notes and look at the wonderful photos of loved ones.
Someday my children may discover the notes they wrote to Santa that are buried on the bottom.
My dining room is in the middle of a makeover which I hope to have finished by Christmas dinner.
I like simple, natural decorations on the table.
But there is a little glitz hanging from the chandelier.
And then there are the Christmas dishes.
I LOVE traditional transferware.  I use these as often as I can throughout the season and into January.

The shopping list has been checked off, the house is decorated, next week begins the best part - the baking!

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