Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The 3rd Day of Christmas

One tradition we have every Christmas is to fill shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.  The kids look forward to shopping for items that a child their age would love.  Molly took care picking out the right hairbows, Ellie went for colorful items, and Jack contributed the $7 shipping fee from his piggy bank.  This, more than anything, helps them understand "to give is better than to receive".
This year E.J.'s 5th grade class took this on as their service project.  The kids had to set their collection goal, speak about it in school chapel, make posters, and tour the Denver processing center. 
I am so proud of him for his energy on this project.  He asked our church to get involved too.  He went around to all the elementary classes to talk about it, manned a collection table for 3 Sundays, and even got on stage to report the results to the entire church - 82 boxes!
Here's what that looks like packed into my SUV cargo space.
It was fun for the whole family to drive up to school and deliver armloads of boxes.  They were stacked in a room where over 2,000 boxes are lining the walls and waiting to be sent around the world.  

Forget letters to Santa - this is FUN!

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Graceful said...

Awesome work! We did Operation Christmas Child for the first time this year -- it was such a good experience. I let the kids pick out the gifts -- an exercise in self-control on my part!

Loved your charlie brown christmas tree (branch) in the post below -- it made me smile!