Saturday, January 30, 2010


Our family is equally represented by male and female.  We have a mama, a daddy and 2 kiddos of each gender (1 more of each and we would be the Brady Bunch!).  Recently the balance of power was tipped to the men by the addition of the creature shown below.
It was a sad day for the girls and I when we lost our equal standing.  Now there was another stinky, messy boy, who would leave his toys all over the house!  

This week my husband happened to be traveling to Florida on business.  Since Mema and Poppy live there, the girls took a special trip with daddy.  I was home with 2 boys and the pup.  That is, I was home with 3 rambunctious, messy boy creatures.  Going from a household of 6 to 3 for the week was a piece of cake.  There were half the dishes and laundry to do, half the arguments to referee, and more time for each child.  However it was still full of boy energy.  I decided to do something very out of character and join in.

We had a week of this...

... plus a gallon of root beer, fort building and the creation of  a scout pinewood derby car.
It was a fun week for everyone.  

Daddy and the girls came home last night.  Even though it was fun to mix things up a little, I am so glad to have a little girl power back.  
Well... I'm off to paint some toes!

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Jonathan said...

Having spent so much time with Jason, Clint and I and doing "boy" things I'm sure James and Jack were impressed with your rowdiness skills. Kinda like when grandmother would put on a pair of sneakers and come play ball with the boys.