Saturday, January 30, 2010


One of the blogs I love to read is a decorating blog called The Inspired Room.  Much to my husband's dismay it always makes me want to move furniture or paint something!  Today Melissa at The Inspired Room is hosting a "Winter Bliss" Linky.  (I know it's very geeky of me to start using all the blog lingo - but REALLY it's called a Linky:  A list that connects you to all these other people that have written about the same thing.)  Anyway, although Melissa usually inspires me to DO something, this is my Winter Bliss today.

The outdoor  thermometer reads ZERO!  Wooly socks, popcorn, a crackling fire and Gone With the Wind on the television is the perfect winter day.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll try once more. Aparently I am not as bloggy as you. Thanks for the peek into your life each day. While I am not a face page person because I really don't think anyone wants to know what I am doing every minute - nor do I want to know what they are doing, Poppy and I LOVE having a peek into your lives each day. Keep up the great work, and the slippers look great!

Ginger said...

Love your blog! I am also fairly new to blogging, so it's nice to meet you! This picture is great.