Thursday, January 21, 2010


     I am loving winter this year!  Snow is always welcome at Christmas, but usually mid -January I am ready for spring.  We have had a string of beautiful sunny days and we have delighted in wintery walks with our new dog.  I was thinking today about the beauty of a fresh snowfall and the quietness that settles over everything - Until my crew shows up that is!  But the noise and chaos is worth it when I can look out my window at the menagerie of snow creatures that populate my side yard.  We have the classic snowman walking a snow dog, a snow lion, a snow chicken in a snow nest, a snow mouse and a snow skyscraper.  What fun!

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Anonymous said...

Good Job Honey, I always thought you would be a good author with your love of books and reading. You have passed one of your many talents on to your kids as they all also love books. Thank you for the Birthday video, I may have to sharpen their skills when I am there next month.
I would send a kitty video but it would most likely be very boring since it would be multiple shots of him sleeping in different positions. I only wished I had had a camera when we experienced our glue board evening, now that would have been a good cat video.
I just finished watching a squirrel trying to figure out how to get on the bird feeder that has the spinner bar that flings them off. He was trying to reach it from stretching from another feeder. They are funny, and irritating little creatures.
It is raining here today so I may just hang around the house most of the day. Send me the bread instructions and I may just see what I can do with the bread starter.
Love, Mother