Monday, March 1, 2010


Our family has been blessed with the gift of a second home.  It is a little 2 bedroom cabin in the hills around the Finger Lakes region of New York state.  My husband's grandfather bought the property years ago and Tim has his fondest memories of childhood there.  

Last week we headed "to camp" for some down time.  There are many gifts to be counted in the quiet of a winter woods.  My list continues...

35.  for the gifts that last for generations to share
36.  for the gifts of nature that only last a day - fresh snow glistening in the sunshine
37.  for unhurried breakfasts
38.  for quiet moments where the only sound is a crackling fire
  for time away from, phone, cable, and computer to...
39.  read books
40.  play games
41.  take hikes through fresh snow
42.  play arctic explorers
43.  compete in our own Olympic sled races
44.  start new projects
45.  spend the day in pajamas
46.  enjoy fresh air
47.  to pretend we are pioneers
48.  to teach the art of fire building 
49.  to follow deer tracks
50.   to think on the words "Be still and know that I Am God"

Thank you Father for these winter gifts.  Help us to find more moments of stillness, where we can shake off the clamoring world and all its hurried distractions and see you and your world with new eyes.


mom2six said...

Great list, great photos from a gracious God.

Corinne said...

Absolutely beautiful.
So happy for you to have that spot, that getaway :)

Kerrie said...

Love your list and thanks for the invite! :)

Jenny said...

Beautiful get away to enjoy His endless gifts!

StacyB said...

are you here? are you here?