Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Life is so busy that we tend to let minutes slip by uncounted, undocumented, unnoticed.  Those moments hold the potential for special memories to be cherished a lifetime. And yet I let my attention be drawn away by the never ending list.   Why do I feel that urgent pull to wash dishes, organize the pantry, and post on my blog but miss those little minutes that make relationships?

Blogging is funny.   You just stumble into people you would never meet in your everyday life.  Total strangers but people like you.  Recently I found Jenny.  She started a weekly post called Sixty Seconds on Tuesday and asked others to join in.  We will share just a minute each Tuesday that we want to remember. 
One minute, one photo, one sentence, one memory.

 Still for a moment, except for the movements of his fingers, making music on a damp spring day.


Jenny said...

Exactly! How many times do I walk by the piano and not notice a child practicing? Or as they practice, I don't really hear them because I am busy doing something else? I know that the day will come when the piano will sit silent, and how I will long for the broken cords of a child practicing to be played one more time. Thank you Misty for sharing.

The dB family said...

Beautiful capture! I missed taking this same type of photo today for the simple reason that I was preparing supper. What Jenny says above is so true.


Maria said...

Good Morning!
I just stumbled upon your blog ... through Holy Experience's Multitude Monday ~ I smiled throughout your blessings and gratitudes.
Your family is just beautiful...
Every photo is precious, thank you for sharing!
Blessings for each day~ Maria

Maria said...

Ps. I visited your recent posts, here on the first page ... what a great blog you have!
The photos are wonderful! I love the one of you saying good-bye to winter! also...
Do you live near the lake in the sunset photo?
That photo took my breath away*
I know NH is a state of beautiful land and waters.
{I live in upstate, NY... in the capital region}
Today is a "turn around day" for the weather... I see the sun peeking out of the clouds in our weather forecast!

Misty said...

Hey Maria. I enjoyed visiting your spot too. I think the photo you are describing is in the "gratitude on bad days" post. That photo was actually taken from a cruise ship in the middle of the Caribbean. We were blessed to be invited on a cruise for Thanksgiving last year. I remember waking up early one morning and looking out and seeing nothing but water in any direction. It was fabulous and gave me an amazing sense of awe at God's creation.
N. H. is beautiful too.
Come back to visit any time.

Anonymous said...

I must say I have had the pleasure of visiting my beautiful family as they migrate like a flock of birds around the country, living in one place after another. Each place has it own special charm, and shopping of course, but it would be just another part of the country if it were not for family.
Love from Itsme

Misty said...

Thanks mom. We know several good places to shop in Colorado don't we? And congratulations on successfully posting a comment. Love you.