Monday, March 29, 2010


Spring is finally awakening in New Hampshire.
My list of 1,000 gifts continues.

86.  spring lambs
87.  finding those first signs of growth
88.  the start of baseball season
89.  little girls who play baseball in princess dresses
90.  warmth enough to shed the coat but keep the mittens
91.  the soft patter of rain on the roof gently waking me
92.  patterns and design in God's creation
93.  finding something new on every walk
94.  charming New England scenes
95.  the sweetness hidden inside
96.  visits from grandparents
97.  silly gifts 
98.  treats created together...
99. ...with sweet messages hidden inside
100.  notes written in a child's handwriting
101.  another creation from a grandmother's hands
102.  for a mother who helps find the bottom of the laundry pile, sweeps the floors and  finishes long suffering sewing projects for me on each visit
103.  having someone else in the house who speaks knitting
104.  knowing I've passed 100 on the list
105.  and that finding gifts in abundance in easy.
Thank you God for visits, springtime and your many gifts.


Angela said...

Oh, this put a smile on my face! My mother does the same thing for me. You look like you have a fun life. So you guys are in New England? Love it there. We're in Texas.

Found you over at Ann's.

Jenny said...

You are so blessed by your frienship with your mother. I loved the princess baseball picture! Have a great week.

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

I really enjoy reading about your gifts! These posts are so uplifting! Thank you.

Lona said...

Great post! The photos are wonderful--and of course I love the lambs and the maple sap pails the best. :-)