Sunday, March 7, 2010


I love the Gratitude Community that Ann of A Holy Experience has created. She describes the process of keeping a gratitude journal in the words below.

 "I am seeing things I have never seen before, atuned and aware of this constant, endless stream of gifts from His hand. I am one waking from slumber....from the stupor of indifference and ignorance. I have sight, fresh and keen---the world is new and full of His gifts."

I am also recalling a sermon on contentment I heard several years ago that left an impression on me.  The minister described being discontent as an offense to God.  That it is akin to telling God that the plan and life He has created for us just isn't enough.

This is not to say that we should not strive for more, that we should not have wants, that we should not boldly ask for our heart's desire. But always looking ahead to what could make us happy causes us to miss what we have now.  Being content is a skill we must practice, just like love is a choice you must make, rather than a feeling you experience.  Sometimes it's really difficult to focus on now - there are many things around us that we are not thankful for.  But if we sharpen our eyesight there are thousands of gifts in our presence.

My list of 1000 gifts continue...

51.   sunshine on a Sunday morning drive to church
52.  a timely sermon - words spoken honest and true about doubt
53.  the loving artwork created in Sunday school
54.  the lyrics of a song...
           "From the highest of heights to the depths of the sea
              Creation's revealing Your majesty. 
             From the colors of fall to the fragrance of spring
               Every creature unique in the song that it sings."

55.  squeezing 6 of us into a booth for coffee and pastries after church
56.  melting snow
57.  a solitary walk in the sunshine
58.  a prayer for my heart's desire
59.  the yummy treats Daddy brought home from his trip
60.  the joyous face of my littlest one as she shows me treasures found her nature walk with daddy
61.  the smell of the pasta sauce simmering on the stove for this evening's meal
62.  a husband who still tells me I have nice legs
63.  time to stitch and create with my little artist
64.  an apology given and received among siblings
65.  anticipation of a birthday to come
66.  friendly creatures living on my windowsill 

   Thank you Lord for the peace that comes, 
for the unexpected joys we find, 
when we choose contentment.


Corinne said...

Breathtaking... all of it.

blcollette said...

Thank you, Misty! I start my Monday mornings here, always! I hope you have a beautiful day, Dear Friend. I miss you!

Jenny said...

"Being content is a skill we must practice..." So be it my friend! And I am ever thankful He has given me the grace to realize I have all I need. Aw, what a sweet husband; again, a gift from Him above.

Trisha said...

Yes, focusing on what is instead of what isn't! Love the pictures of your Bible and the origami. What many blessings God has given you.

Rickand Denise said...

I once heard a sermon too about contentment. It said that coveting breaks all of the commandments at the same time. I have never forgotten that. Wanting what we can't and don't have takes energy, strength and changes our attitudes. Being thankful for what we do have is a wonderful gift from the Holy Spirit. We can ask Him to help us with this everyday.