Saturday, March 13, 2010


Today I met with a group of women bloggers - in real life.
This blogging thing is so weird.  I felt like I was going on a blind date.
How did I find myself leaving my family and driving over an hour to Portsmouth,  New Hampshire to have lunch with 5 strangers?

I'm nosy.

 - who are these people?
 - who bears their souls online for the world to see?
 - who gets giddy about the comments of random strangers?
 - what the heck is twitter all about?
 - and why did I join their ranks?

We met in a cozy restaurant, in charming downtown Portsmouth, and shared pizza, conversation and some really good brownie sundaes.  Unfortunately I have NO photos.  (I hate a blog post with no photos!)
Thank you Marissa, Kimberly, and Jo for helping answer my questions.  And thank you to Corinne for organizing the whole thing and letting me invite myself.  I loved hearing everyone's thoughts on blogging.  It is fascinating to find the similarities and differences in a random group.  You gave me lots to think about.

I have so many things rattling around in my head to write about, however we leave for the cabin first thing in the morning.  I will be away for the week and will have limited access to a computer so things will be quiet around here for several days.
I love pencil and paper better than keyboards anyway.

There is packing to do.  There are children to put to bed.


Corinne said...

It was WONDERFUL meeting you Misty! Thank you so much for driving out! When it gets warmer we should plan a picnic lunch somewhere in the middle with the kids.
Have a great trip!

Rebekah said...

I'm so glad you got to go! I wish I had been there! Sounds like you have a busy week ahead! Have a wonderful time!

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

It was SO great meeting you! Have a great trip and tell us all about it when you get home!