Sunday, March 21, 2010


It's easy to count gifts on a Sunday evening.  On the weekend Daddy's home.  There is no schoolwork to do.  The weather is warming and the children have played outside for hours.  The songs of praise and encouraging words are still rattling around in our heads from the morning at church.
Life is good.
But then there are those days that gratitude does not come easily.  One child is sick, the others can't seem to get along, daddy's out of town, the laundry is mountainous, the car won't start, nothing is getting accomplished, emotions run high, worry sets in.  These days are hard.  And I am glad when they are over.
But then the sun sets...
...and then it rises.
Usually the next day is brighter.  
It's difficult to find the gifts on days when I feel miserable.  It's difficult but necessary.

67.  dishwashers
68.  tissues with lotion
69.  DVD players on long car trips
70.  really good ice cream
71.  hand knit socks (thanks mom!)
72.  feather pillows
73.  new buds providing color in a brown landscape
74.  Dinner with old friends...
75.  ...sharing hamburgers, onion rings, milkshakes, and conversation... 
76.  ...4 adults and 10 children surviving dining out.
77.  friendships that thrive despite the distance
78. having a friend who shares my story
79. sunlight on colored glass
80. watching my children share adventures
81.  primitive art work discovered 
82. the never ending imagination of children in the woods 
83.  brightly colored boots drying in the sun after the day's expedition
84.  hearing "I love you Mama" at bedtime, despite my impatience with them during the day
85.  the gift of a new day - a fresh start each morning

Thank you God that you have promised new joys every morning.

P.S.  I recently heard someone say they don't like to visit blogs that depict life as "all rainbows and unicorns".  I understood what they meant by the statement.  Life is not all sunsets walks and blooming flowers. "Keeping it real" is a phrase I hear often.  However, my gratitude is just as real as my misery.  I choose to focus on the gratitude because one or the other becomes a daily habit.


Ashley said...

I totally agree with your comment about focusing on gratitude. It's not about making everything look perfect... (we all know it's not :) it's just about choosing to see the good- to recognize that there is ALWAYS good. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautitul post! While it isn't all "rainbows and unicorns" there is sooo much for which to be thankful...focusing on that helps make the other stuff more bearable. I don't ALWAYS succeed in this area, but I try! Thanks for a beautiful post with great pictures!

Katie said...

I love your list...the little things. The neat thing about this listing of our gifts is how it is teaching me to discover gifts in the mundane and the difficult. To stop overlooking beautiful things that God has scattered all around me.

And yes, I chose to focus on the gifts as well. Your #84 proves that it takes rain to make rainbows. THAT is real.


Corinne said...

Beautifully put Misty!
(love the new header!)
And I just have to say, that ice cream looks perfect for a Monday morning breakfast...

Karen said... was good to see you look past your "not perfect" day and see His blessings. Love this post and the pictures!!

Annesta said...

It is hard to give thanks on some days....and sometimes the days just run into each other and you feel like you have had more difficult days than calm days.
Gratitude is something that we can feel no matter what the day is dishing out. Gratitude as you so beautifully demonstrate in your post, is about living life daily...the good and the not so good.
Your pictures are lovely and I certainly enjoyed visiting your blog.

Nancy @ 75 and Sunny said...

I agree completely with your sentiments. "But then the sun sets...and then it rises" - God's goodness! Love your list and your pictures (especially the boots :-) Praising God with you this day!

Kelly said...

Aw, I loved reading your list. And your ps is right on.

Jodi said...

Loved your list. Great photos too. Blessings, Jodi

Leslie said...

I love so many of these - friendships that survive distance, adventures in the woods - I love your picture of the boots drying. Especially 84 and 85.

Sandi said...

Love the boot shot.....and you honesty.