Friday, June 4, 2010


While on our trip to Oklahoma this month we were busy with a birthday party, a  Mother's Day celebration, visiting with cousins and shooting a film.

My brother is an actor.  He went to an acting school in NYC and now he lives in L.A.  He was in Tulsa with us and he enlisted the whole family for a Hollywood experience.
He used his directing, producing, costuming, acting, and kid-wrangling skills to create this fun movie, all in 2 days!  It is  Film Noir - Think 1940's,  dark nights, a missing person, menacing music and hats,  lots of cool hats.

Just a note: I'm pretty sure my brother used stand-ins for my children because my real children have never spoken so softly in their entire lives.  So turn up your volume and enjoy the show!
Oh! another note - "Itsme" is what my children call their grandmother (but that's a different story)

Here are some of my favorite wardrobe items.
Check out this patchwork cap. (the little cleft in his chin is pretty cute too!)

The star of our show (who is thinking, "Is she seriously taking more pictures?")
wore a black cap and period tie from Goodwill.

This little actress didn't have many lines but she provided a cuteness factor.  Check out her hat.  At first she said "I don't like hats I don't want to wear it".  But then I told her it wasn't a hat but an elaborate headband.  She wore it all day.

I have another movie that we shot over Christmas last year in which Ellie plays red riding hood - to debut here another day.  We decided the next project will have to be a western since we will be living in Colorado.  (Note to Uncle Jonathan - Jack expects to be the star of that film.)


Jonathan said...

Jack better get his cowboy boots broken in.

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

This is so cool!! I wanna be in a movie!