Saturday, June 19, 2010


Sadly my gratitude has shriveled up this week.  I'm in need of an attitude adjustment and I know it.  I'm in the sorry state of "half-way".

Let the whining commence.

I am half packed for our move across the country.  Half is not fun.  It means that book I wanted to read this summer or the size 6 knitting needle I need to finish my latest project is likely packed.  It means the daunting task of packing up my kitchen still looms large because it's too early to pack the essentials.  It means the pictures are coming off the walls and I'm noticing every nail hole and scuff mark on the bare walls.  It means we have canceled the cable service and I really wanted to watch the Next Food Network Star.

I have piles.  I hate piles!  There is a pile on the kitchen counter of stuff I'm collecting for the drive west - coloring books, maps, DVDs, band-aids.  There is a pile on my dryer of clothes that are clean and waiting to be ironed (but I may have packed my iron).  There is a pile on my bedroom floor of random stuff that goes to Goodwill.  I have piles of boxes in every room and I had a total tantrum yesterday when my son untaped a box and pulled something out.  "I have an announcement,"  I yelled. "WE ARE PACKING NOT UNPACKING!  Nobody is to open any boxes that have been taped.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

OK I'm finished.  I'm obviously not wearing my yellow shoes today.  
I promise I'll be back next time with my gratitude levels back to normal. 

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Maria said...

Hi Misty!
I caught up a bit here!
Oh your secret garden is lovely... you took beautiful photos and I enjoyed them all...

Love the post just before too... with the kids sleeping...
No matter how old my kids get, {they're all in their 20's} I will remember how it felt when they were all napping in the car!

I will be thinking of all the work you are doing as you move... it is quit a task... I know...
wishes and prayers for strength, inner calm and lots of energy! God bless you ♥
Happy Father's day to your husband!